Welcome to El Solar Apartments, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility, beyond the beauty of the Colonial City of La Antigua Guatemala.


We offer our guests all the best amenities during your stay in the Colonial City of the Americas. In our Villas you will find an eclectic architecture based on the Colonial Style present in the original Ruins with the comfort of XXI Century.


At El Solar you will be able to find the original ruins at the inside walls built during the XVI Century, belonging to the House of Marqués de Aycinena.


La Antigua was fund as city the 10th of March of 1543, becoming one of the most important cities of the Americas, Capital of the Kingdom of Mesoamérica, including what today is Chiapas and Soconusco (México)  Republic of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


La Antigua is admired and respected, not only for the majestic of the historic architecture, but for the people who maintained the city as patrimony.


Located to the west side of Guatemala City, just 45 minutes away from the Capital, the city unites Churches, Convents, Museums, Cultural Agenda and Ruins of great importance that are still standing in our present time.


Home of kind “Antigueños”, and second home of many foreigners from around the world, who decided to stay in this enchanting city. La Antigua is a touristic destination for many people with a kind offer of cultural and historic agenda for visitors.


El Solar Apartments is located within the historic center, only 300 meters away from main square, in a beautiful property with a privileged access to one of the best residential sectors in the City. Just a few meters form the famous baroque ruins of El Carmen Church in 3a Avenida Norte and near Convento Las Capuchinas in 2a Calle Oriente.



2a Calle Oriente N° 9 C

Antigua Guatemala Sacatepéquez

Zip Code 03001

Tel.   (502) 78324079

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Web: www. el solarantigua.com


Office Opening Hours: 


Monday - Friday  8:00 Hrs - 13:00 Hrs

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Saturday               8:00 Hrs - 13:00 Hrs


Sunday                  Closed



Manager : Ricardo Fernández Fiol


Support Staff: Lucy de Fernández



Marlon Samuel  González


Cleanning and Maintainance :

María Paula Vázquez

Katheryne Jiménez


Gardener : Daniel Ojot





La Antigua Guatemala is declared National Monument in March 30th of 1944. Twenty one years later, in July of 1965 declared City Monument of the Americas by the General Assembly of the Panamerican Geography and History Institute.



In November of 1979 the City is Honored by UNESCO as World Patrimony of Cultural and Natural Assets, becoming to the world´s eyes as a treasure of humanity, organization that recognizes, at this moment 812 places in this category for different reasons, in which all the efforts of reconstruction, revitalization and respect of urban laws keep this patrimony very close look to their original status.


How to get to Antigua?



From Guatemala City, take CA-1, from Calzada Roosevelt. Ahead this street you will arrive to San Lucas Sacatepéquez, easily to recognize by all the commercial stores and gas stations presence. Straight ahead find a high elevated bridge and turn right, this street will drive you through Santa Lucía Milpas Altas and then ahead to Antigua Guatemala. In total approximately 45 kilometers from  Guatemala City.